Aler – Sondrio Residential Building

The first passive house as a public residential building in Italy, constructed by Aler in 2013 in the municipality of Sondrio in via Scamozzi.

Designed on 4 floors for a total of 12 units (4 three-room units and 8 two-room units), the apartment building ensures thermal well-being with a minimal internal hearting energy source, with no “conventional” systems: no hot water heaters, thermostats or similar systems.

The contract involved all the phases of design and job supervision relative to the structural aspects of the construction. Particular attention was given in the study of solutions aimed at limiting thermal dispersion in the building.

The use of shock elements on the balconies, perimetrical walls of the stairs and septates, as well as the implementation of a particular covering characterized by two foundations with a 30-cm layer of insulation inserted, extending to the exterior covering of the perimetrical parts, have contributed in reducing to a minimal level what would have been the thermal bridges of the structure.

The new building also complies with all the seismic requirements pursuant with Ministerial Decree 2008, the Italian regulation in force. In particular, ten seismic-resistant septates were implemented to transfer from the foundation to the covering both vertical surges as well as horizontal forces produced by eventual earthquake and/or wind.