Brugherio Hydroelectric Power Plant

This is a low-jump plant capable of using a maximum flow rate of 15,000 liters per second on a drop of 3.1 meters created by an existing traverse. The electromechanical unit consists of a Kaplan bulb turbine with a completely submerged generator. The plant is part of a highly urbanized framework near major communication routes, but this does not prevent the possibility of generating clean and renewable energy in this context too.The work involved the Firm in all phases executive design and of the direction and accounting of the works. Particular attention was paid to the study of architectural elements and environmental insertion; same care also in the choice of optimal solutions as regards mitigation with a specific study of green.



Maximum derivable flow rate 15,000 l / s
Nominal jump 3.10 m
Turbine type n. 1 Kaplan turbine with vertical axis