Cresenzago – Milano Hydroelectric Power Plant

The low-head hydroelectric power station constructed on the Lambro River uses a maximum capacity of 15,000 l/s and an average of 7,800 l/s, taking advantage of a slope of only 2.1 m. It was built near an existing weir in the area of Crescenzago just outside the Milan metro stop Cascina Gobba, specifically overhead by means of the insertion of a mobile floodgate completely adaptable in concurrence with excess capacity.

The station required the installation of three Archimedes screw turbines with a total capacity of 160.59 kW. Particular attention was given to the planning and execution of the works since the station is situated in the Municipality of Milan and along the Lambro riverbed, which has been subject to continuous overflowing and flooding in the past few years.

Care and attention was also given in the study of the architectonical instruments, which has brought about significant results in a compromised and strongly manmade environmental context. The plant was completely constructed in only five months.