Salvetti Graneroli engineering

Salvetti Graneroli engineering studio specializes in design and consulting activities in the civil and hydroelectric field. Performing comprehensive activities in the world of civil engineering, a large portion of our activity is aimed at power station planning for the production of renewable energy. In particular, in the past few years the studio has developed noteworthy experience within the scope of designing small- and large-capacity hydroelectric power stations, contributing in designing numerous run-of-the-river power stations constructed in Lombardy in the last decade.

This experience has also led us to undertaking consulting and design activities abroad on behalf of important economic operators in the sector, in particular in Madagascar, where we intervened in the revision of existing power stations in addition to designing new stations. There has also been strong growth in South America, specifically in Peru, Columbia and Ecuador, where we are designing plants and developing new concessions.

Our staff is currently comprised of about fifteen technicians with degrees and diplomas, subdivided according to specific competences. The organizational flexibility, also founded on the consolidated collaboration with external professionals with specific professional expertise, allows the studio to offer its clients not only integrated design solutions with high-level professional content, but also a high level of “resilience” to fulfill the specific requests.

The communication instruments adopted by the studio are based on the use of the Internet as well as more advanced computer technologies. The guarantee of confidentiality of information is one of the studio’s strong points.

Through our work, we also wish to contribute in spreading the culture of the quality of design with the continued research of agreeable architectonical solutions combined with technical solutions, fully respecting the environmental contexts in which we operate.